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newsletter, spring 2011


Spring is when we see the out-of-doors with fresh eyes. It's a perfect time to notice how the plantings in our yards nurture us and the rest of nature. Most Americans have too much lawn and many commercial, exotic varieties of shrubs. Better choices are edible plants and trees.

What about strawberries (instead of ground cover), blueberries (instead of shrubs), raspberries, apples, pears or figs in your non-garden areas? In addition to enjoying the tasty sweetness, the plantings will add color and lovely shapes to beautify your yard. Local Asheville author, Nan Chase, has suggestions at her website http://eatyouryardbook.com. Local knowedgable sources for high-quality edibles include Reems Creek Nursery Barkslip's Micro-Nursery and Useful Plants Nursery.


Blueberry on bush


Ripe fig ready to pluck - they are extremely sweet.



The loss of biodiversity is also a matter of survival for our planet. Due to land development, the USA has lost wild animal habitats. Don't just think large mammals; remember all of insect life which is low on the land food chain and either pollinates our food or are food for pollinators and the birds we enjoy. It all starts here.

Dr. Doug Tallamy has been a champion for native gardening and the message that biodiversity does matter. He has a great book Bringing Nature Home and website www.bringingnaturehome.net with practical guidance on what we can do to turn lawn back to nature and reverse this devastating trend. He has tables for the best woody and herbaceous plants which sustain the highest numbers of animal life.

Spring is the time when energy is rising and we want to do more outside. Consider planting one or two more "food" sources outside of your normal garden space!


Here is the Spring class calendar. All classes are held on Saturdays from 10 am-1pm. Individual classes $45, Live Foods Class Series $130. For more information, please visit: www.lenoresnatural.com/classes/classes.php In brief:

NEW - March 26: "Tempeh Tonight" Try tofu’s “meaty” cousin. You will love these hearty soy dishes from around the world: Italian Tempeh with Greens, Mexican-Style Tempeh, Lemon-Rosemary Tempeh and Baked Tempeh. Served with quinoa and a naturally-fermented pickle. You will discover the local sources for FRESH tempeh. There is nothing like it!


  • April 2: "Whip It Up" - Blender-based recipes including superfoods
  • April 16: "Crank It Out" - Juicing & food processing-based recipes & sprouting
  • May 14: "The Heat Is On" - Dehydration-based recipes & techniques

NEW - June 4: "Sweet & Savory Treats" - More dehydrated treasures

June 18: "Dress Up Your Salads & Much More" - 6 dressings, home-made tahini & a bonus spread

Green Salad

Seating is limited so register soon by sending in your class fee to:

Lenore's Natural Cuisine, 164 Ox Creek Road, Weaverville, NC 28787


One of the things that we like about T. Colin Campbell, PhD and Joel Furhman, M.D. is that they approach nutrition, and not coincidentally, the whole food, plant-based diet, from the standpoint of science. They do not make claims or state facts unless it is supported by solid scientific evidence. We're not talking about the often conflicting news reports on the latest medical "findings". They take a look at large bodies of evidence and usually over a long period of time.

This method is also followed by Doctor of Nutritional Science, Mark Messina, PhD. In this webpage www.veganhealth.org/articles/soymessina, he gives substantial answers to the confusing question "Is It Safe to Eat Soy?" He and his health educator wife, Virginia, have lucid conclusions to each issue under debate.


Only the closed mind is certain. - Dean Spanley

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well. - Virginia Woolf

In Joy,
Lenore & Joe Baum

www.lenoresnatural.com 828-645-1412



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