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newsletter, winter 2007

Hello Family and Friends,

Welcome to the season of lengthening days. Those of us who love gardening know that leafing through seed catalogs now makes it feel that spring will come sooner than later... We promised to let you know when the outstanding Organic Growers School in Flat Rock, NC. is scheduled this year, March 10th. We hope to see you there! Even though our garden is still yielding collards, kale and turnips by covering them on cold nights, Joe particularly wants to learn how to expand 4 seasons gardening. For more information on this Saturday event, visit www.organicgrowersschool.org.

We finished building our mountain waterfall into the hillside using the ecological Filtrific System. When the plantings come up in the summer, it will be a delightful, restful spot and a destination for butterflies. Here is a photo of the winter view.

Debra Walters, a CIA graduate and one of my lead assistants in Detroit, now teaches cooking classes there. She also is a personal chef and does catering and I highly recommend her. You can reach her by e-mail: CHEFVEGGI@aol.com

Winter Class Schedule

Come join us on Saturdays for these classes!

  • January 6th: Luscious New Soups
    (only 2 spaces left...This is the last soups class until Fall 7.)
    Roasted Butternut Squash Soup, Very Quick & Yummy Red Lentil Soup, Spicy Thai Vegetable and Gingered Yellow Split Pea Soup served with Crusty Sour Dough Bread.
  • January 13th: Asian Tofu Delights
    Tofu has never tasted this good! Sautéed Sesame Tofu, Sweet and Savory Tofu, Ginger-Baked Tofu and Suri’s Tofu Loaf Smothered in Asian Sauce, with Brown Rice
  • February 3, 10, 17, 24: Vegetarian Cooking Class Series
    Learn the fundamental principles of eating for optimal health. These four classes include step-by-step instruction, cutting techniques, countless cook’s tips, easy-to-follow recipes and guidelines for dining out. We will prepare low-fat, satisfying meals that include soups, grains, vegetables, “gas-free” beans, pickles and desserts.
  • March 17th: Winter Dinner Delight
    Cream of Shiitake Soup, Double Baked Bean Casserole, Instant Rosemary Polenta, Vegan Scalloped Cauliflower and Fresh, Fresh Organic Greens and Homemade Pickle
  • March 24th: Speedy Seitan
    Learn how to make quick seitan and many ways to use this high-protein “wheat meat". We’ll cook it in a satisfying English Stratford Stew.

For specific class times, fees, and registration information, visit our Cooking Classes section.

For a Better World

A powerful way you can effect change is to vote. Not just every two years, but every time you spend your money. Purchasing organic produce nourishes your body and keeps pesticide runoff and soil depletion from occurring. Buying locally grown food helps sustain these businesses in the face of the large, factory farm systems which create excessive ecological and social burdens to our society with these associated hidden costs.

In spite of fuel-saving measures we may take (limiting trips, slowing down, shutting our cars off instead of letting them idle at destinations and long traffic stops), virtually all of us remain dependent on fossil fuels for transportation. The Sierra Club has posted an analysis from the environmental viewpoint which identifies BP and Sunoco as better fuel companies to patronize. See the analysis at www.sierraclub.org/sierra/pickyourpoison/

Healing Recipe

Looking for the perfect all-around natural winter remedy? Ume-Shoyu-Kudzu is a cure-all, alkalizing drink for colds, flu, fatigue, headaches, digestive problems, hangovers and holiday excesses!

1 cup water or kukicha twig tea
1 TBS. kudzu powder
1 tsp. umeboshi paste or 1/2 umeboshi plum
1 tsp. naturally fermented shoyu (soy sauce)
1/2 tsp. freshly squeezed ginger juice or 1/4 tsp. powdered ginger

1. Place cool water or tea in a saucepan.
2. Dissolve the kudzu in the cool liquid. 
3. Bring to a boil and add the umeboshi and shoyu.
4. Stir constantly and simmer for 1 minute, until the liquid goes from milky to opaque. Drink it hot!

Cook’s Tip

As my students have learned, storing cooked foods in wide-mouth Ball® glass jars is ideal: they are inert, clear (so you can see what’s inside) and clean up beautifully in the dishwasher. You can even freeze soups in them if you leave about two inches of space at the top, allowing for expansion. All ACE hardware stores stock or can order the white plastic lids for these jars: Ball® Wide Mouth Plastic Storage Caps, Product No. 37000. They’re a lot easier to use than the traditional two-part metal canning lids.

Book Recommendation

"Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night" by Mark Haddon. This is a moving novel about love and bravery through the eyes of a British autistic boy.

Movie Recommendation

For an entertaining home movie experience, we enjoyed "Wordplay". It is an endearing, joyful look at the world of the N.Y. Times Crossword Puzzle and its addicts, including Bill Clinton, Jon Stewart and Ken Burns.

Product Recommendations

Greens+ Energy Bars are far superior to any other energy bar we’ve tried. They are alkaline-forming, cold-processed and made from organically-grown superfoods, soy protein, sprouted grain, herbal extracts and a little honey. See www.greensplus.com for more information. They are available at Lenore’s Natural Cuisine (where you can sample them during class), Nature’s Pharmacy, Earth Fare and Vitamin Shoppe…for those in other cities.


Internal peace is an essential first step to achieving peace in the world.  How do you cultivate it?  It's very simple.  In the first place by realizing clearly that all humankind is one, that human beings in every country are members of one and the same family.

- His Holiness the Dalai Lama

May Peace Prevail On Earth and Many Blessings to you in the New Year,

Lenore and Joe Baum

Lenore and Joe Baum

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