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newsletter, fall 2004

Dear family and friends,

Hi everyone. We hope that you stayed dry and safe during the time of intense hurricanes. With 17 inches of rain during the last weeks, we had a lot of flooding in Asheville and hundreds of downed trees…

We have finally completed the planning stage of our new house/cooking school and have begun construction. What an endeavor! Though we started on schedule, hurricanes Frances and Ivan really slowed us down. We are thankful that we weren’t in danger or out of power. Our solar panels mounted on top of our RV still meet most of our electric needs. We lost some trees. Nevertheless, we hope to get “closed in” before winter sets in.

Nothing seems like fall as much as crisp, juicy and local apples. Do yourself a favor and find some grown by a farm near you!

Books We Recommend
Undaunted Courage by Stephen Ambrose, the story of Meriwether Lewis' life and the Lewis & Clark expedition
Education of Little Tree by Forrest Carter, a heartwarming, autobiography of a small boy growing up with guidance from the inspired wisdom of Cherokee  grandparents
Fifty Russian Winters by Margaret Wettlin, an American women who lived in Russian with a detailed description of life there during 50 years of changing governments
New Yoga for People over 50 by Sousa Francina

Sites We Recommend
We have not been outside of Asheville since we’ve been under construction, but here’s a place that y’all can join us visiting from home. “Put in” at www.hober.com a homey oasis on the information highway. Hober is an internet radio station that specializes in eclectic, international, acoustic music. It is commercial free and plays as great background music on your home or business computer. One listener describes it as “my mountain home in the city.” We hope you enjoy your journey.

Renewable and Loving It!
Just a piece of inspiration to help us all think:

                                                       I f
                                       the earth  were  only  a
                             few  feet   in   diameter,   floating  a
                       few     feet     above    a    field    somewhere,
                  people     would     come    from     everywhere   to
              marvel     at    it.      People     would    walk    around   it
           marveling    at    its     big     pools    of     water,     its    little
         pools    and     the     water     flowing   between     the    pools.
       People   would     marvel    at    the   bumps    on    it,    and    the
     holes    in    it,    and    they    would    marvel    at   the    very    thin
    layer   of  gas   surrounding    it   and    the   water     suspended   in 
    the   gas.   The    people    would    marvel    at    all    the    creatures
    walking  around   the    surface   of   the   ball,   and   in    the   water.
    The  people    would    declare   it  precious    because   it   was    the
     only  one   and   they   would   protect    it   so   that   it   would   not
       be   hurt.     The    ball     would     be      the     greatest     wonder
        known,  and    people   would   come    to    behold    it,     to  be
          healed,   to     gain   knowledge,     to      know    beauty   and
             wonder   how   it   could    be.      People    would   love  it,
                and   defend   it    with   their     lives,    because  they
                    would    some    how     know    that   their   lives,
                        their    own  roundness,  could  be  nothing
                             without    it.      If    the  earth   were
                                   only    a    few     feet    in
                                               d i a m e t e r.

Cook's Tip/Recipe of the Month

Fall is a great time to add baked or steamed sweet Buttercup/Kabocha winter squash to your dinner menu.

Products of the Month
In search of the best tools, gadgest and ingredients
As promised last newsletter, here are several organic, extra-virgin, award-winning, great-tasting olive oil brands:
Olio Beato – call for availability (888) 421-6546
Bariani – call for availability (888) 593-8333

The Jonas handy measuring spoon (one piece with a tablespoon on one end and a teaspoon on the other) that we mentioned in the last newsletter is available at Sur La Table or call the company for availability in your area - (800) 243-0852

Inhale peace, exhale fear
Peace and blessings,
Lenore and Joe
(828) 645-1412

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