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"Lenore Baum has a light, bright and fun attitude toward macrobiotics and cooking and that is reflected in her writing style and recipes. I think you will enjoy her new book, Lenoreís Natural Cuisine."
-Bob Ligon, Review Editor for Macrobiotics Today magazine

"Just Superb! Excellent! Wonderful! I liked all the helpful hints and cross-referenced recipes..."
-Jo Ann Sanchez, Master Herbalist

"Lenores' Natural Cuisine, Your Essential Guide to Wholesome Vegetarian Cooking, offers step-by-step, straight forward, easy-to-follow instructions for more than one hundred absolutely delicious recipes for the vegetarian palate. There's even a chapter dedicated to last-minute meals and over 260 cooks' tips enabling even the most novice cook to easily prepare healthy, tasty vegetarian dishes. From Shiitake-Leek Miso Soup, Wheat Berry Dill Salad, and Tempeh Bacon, to Baked Garnet Yams, Roasted Garlic Parsnips, and Blueberry Couscous Cake with Lemon Icing, Lenore's Natural Cuisine will prove a welcome and core addition to any vegetarian kitchen."
-Midwest Book Review

"I am truly enjoying Lenores Natural Cuisine, Your Essential Guide to Wholesome Vegetarian Cooking. From the initial, informative primers on vegetarian concepts and menu planning, to all the delicious recipes, this delightful cookbook is a boon to healthful cooking. I find the recipes easy-to-follow and the glossary invaluable when I am unfamiliar with an ingredient. This is a truly outstanding cookbook!"
-Aubrey Tobin, Attorney-at-Law

"I have tried macrobiotics several times and have even taken cooking classes, but for me, the biggest challenge is lunch time at the office and meals away from home. Your book addresses both of these issues...thanks for a great book!"
-John Lorance, Student

"Right from the cover, and I really try not to judge a book by itís cover, the beautiful illustration of fruits and vegetables compelled me to open Lenoreís Natural Cuisine, Your Essential Guide to Wholesome, Vegetarian Cooking. This cookbook offers a wonderful assortment of breakfast meals, salads, grains, pasta, beans, tofu, tempeh and vegetable dishes. The chapters 'Making the Most of This Book,' and 'What Itís All About,' give helpful definitions of unfamiliar ingredients and alternative sources for nutrients, such eating leafy greens instead of dairy products for calcium. Most impressively, she talks about organic food and the dangers of pesticides. Yes, Lenore is an aware consumer and writer! My overall impression is that Lenore wants people to see how easy and fun cooking can be, with a little help."
-Lyn Scharret, Reviewer for PhenomeNews

"I think this is an excellent cookbook. It is so detailed. My ninety-year-old mother is even intrigued by it."
-Susan Landis, Borders Book Buyer

"I couldn't put it down. My husband and I are fighting over it."
-Karen Tomczak, Natural Foods Store Manager

"In Lenore's Natural Cuisine, Lenore Baum approaches vegetarian cooking with the delicacy of a gourmet chef. Beginners will appreciate the simplicity and thoroughness of the cooking instructions. Experienced cooks will discover that the recipes highlight and balance the natural flavors of foods instead of masking them with excessive spices. I have recommended this wonderful cookbook to my friends and family."
-Kathleen Stack, Student 


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