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Lenore's Natural Cuisine Cookbook

now in a revised, second printing

Natural Cuisine

Your Essential Guide
to Wholesome, 
Vegetarian Cooking

-Lenore Y. Baum, M.A.

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this easy-to-use book includes

*Over 100 low-fat recipes
* No dairy or refined sugar 
* Last-minute meals 
* Delectable, guilt-free desserts 
* Detailed dining out and travel-food suggestions 
* Ways to conquer cravings 
* Realistic menu planning 
* Recipes that delight both adults and children 
* Illustrations of cook's tools 
* Otabind® lay-flat binding 256 pages, 7' x 10" 


"Lenore's Natural Cuisine is a wonderful book."
-Dr. Andrew Weil, Holistic Physician, Author and Lecturer 

"If you are looking for delicious and healthy recipes with a macrobiotic slant, Lenore's Natural Cuisine is the answer."
-John Robbins, Author of Diet For A New America and Founder of EarthSave

"After reading Lenore's Natural Cuisine you will discover that good
health isn't a matter of deprivation at the dinner table. Your meal
plan will soon contain foods with more color, flavor, texture and aroma than you might have ever imagined. And the health that follows such beautiful dining is just as magnificent."
-John and Mary McDougall, MD, Authors of 10 best selling books on a vegan diet.

"When people think about improving their diets, they often fear that they will have to miss out on favorite flavors and tastes. Lenore's recipes will soon win you over with delightful dishes that put taste at a premium. I would wholeheartedly recommend Lenore's Natural Cuisine to my patients or to anyone seeking to shed pounds, increase energy, and lower their risk for weight-related chronic diseases."
-Neal D. Barnard, M.D., Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Washington D.C.

"Congratulations on your beautiful book! I was very impressed with its charming looks and well tested, clearly written recipes. It is a grand achievement."
-Lorna Sass, Author of The Complete Vegetarian Kitchen

"Lenore's Natural Cuisine definitely delivers an essential guide to wholesome, vegetarian cooking. It is a great beginning for those of us who want the benefits of a plant-based diet, but who need inspiration and guidance to make it work...I'm off to make some of her Fabulous Brownies."
-Meredith McCarty, Author of Sweet and Natural, Over 120 Naturally-Sweetened Desserts

"This cookbook is a boon to beginners, a refresher course for old-hands and a timeless gift for those you love."
-William Dufty, Author of Sugar Blues

"Bravo for creating such an easy-reading guide to cooking balanced, vegetarian meals! Lenore's Natural Cuisine is chock-full of the kind of valuable tips and simple, appealing recipes that both seasoned and beginning cooks appreciate. May this book find its way into the homes of all who can deeply benefit from Lenore's wisdom and care. I am including it in the list of resources in the next edition of my book."
-Kristina Turner, Author of The Self-healing Cookbook

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*press release  
*table of contents 
*anatomy of a recipe (36k) 
*what it's all about (free chapter!)



Browse through our store listings to find out if Lenore's Natural Cuisine, Your Essential Guide to Wholesome, Vegetarian Cooking is available at a location near you. 

Lenore's Natural Cuisine

Lenore's Natural Cuisine, Your Essential Guide to Wholesome, Vegetarian Cooking is available for $15 postpaid. To purchase an autographed copy directly from Lenore, call (828) 645-1412 or mail a check payable to:

Lenore Baum
164 Ox Creek Rd.
Weaverville, NC 28787

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