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In this three-class series, you will:

  • Discover the life-sustaining benefits of raw, living foods!
  • See how easy it is to prepare raw food meals
  • Unlock the truth about protein
  • Savor the taste of organic, garden-fresh, live foods prepared during class

Raw, living vegan foods retain their life force and include unprocessed fruits, vegetables and sea vegetables; sprouted beans, grains, nuts and seeds; fermented food and low-temperature dehydrated crackers, sprouted bread and treats. These foods are easily absorbable by the body and abundant in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and protein. Furthermore, since you will be eating such nutrient dense foods and automatically displacing processed and empty-calorie foods, you will easily achieve your optimal weight. A vegan lifestyle not only boosts your health, but is also a major personal step in reducing global warming.

class I "Whip It Up"

A raw food overview with preparation using a blender. Recipes include a yummy Breakfast Pudding, Sensational Smoothies, Divine Green Goddess Dressing, Salad Secrets, and a Dreamy Dessert. Superfoods like Chia and Hemp Seeds will be featured. Enjoy a garden tour, too!

class II "Crank It Out"

Juicer and food processor techniques highlighting Green Juices, Sprouting, Patés, Sandwich Stacks, Lettuce Roll-ups, Hand Rolls and Ruby Red Turnip Pickles.

class III "The Heat Is On"

Focus on dehydration techniques with Sprouted Onion Bread, Dragon Flax Crackers, Thai Patties, Carrot Almond Spread, Kale Crunch and simple menu planning.

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