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Raw Deal
Verve Magazine, July-August, 2009

Soup's On: Lenore Baum shares how you can
eat your veggies and a delicious soup all at the same time

New Life Journal, September 2007

To Your Health: Lenore Baum teaches serious vegetarianism with a smile
WNC Magazine, March/April, 2007

Cooking school focuses on natural, simple foods
Asheville Citizen-Times, January 15, 2007

The Baums' home is a green dream brought to life
Blue Mountain Living magazine, August/September 2006

Lenore Baum: traveling the road to vegetarian well-ville
WNC Woman Magazine, July 2006

A close-up of a passive solar house
WNC Green Building Directory, 2006

articles by lenore

Balancing the Five Tastes

Lenore Baum, M.A.

Often people cannot stop eating even though they are full. Why is this? According to traditional Asian medicine, the body requires five tastes: sweet, salty, sour, bitter and pungent.

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Learn to Control
Your Food Cravings

Lenore Baum, M.A.

Most of us have food cravings, which inevitably lead to bingeing and guilt. Why do we feel so powerless over these urges? The power behind these desires originates in the body's impulse to maintain homeostasis. That is, it is always striving to achieve a balance - chemically, emotionally and spiritually.

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healing foodsThe Healing
Properties of Foods

Lenore Y. Baum, M.A.

Centuries ago, Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, declared "Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food." He incorporated this axiom into the oath that every medical student recites at graduation. Sadly, modern medicine has all but forgotten these words of wisdom. Now, it is up to us to learn about the healing properties of food to restore and maintain our health.

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girl eating ice cream Dairy, the Wonder Food?

Lenore Y. Baum, M.A.

Melted mozzarella. Mouth-watering milkshakes. Sinful chocolate sundays. Most of us are emotionally attached to psychologically soothing dairy products, so it can be difficult to evaluate them objectively. I was no exception.

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carrotsTransform Your Health
with Tantalizing, Vegetarian Meals

Lenore Y. Baum, M.A.

Most of us recognize the benefits of a simple, vegetarian diet: increased energy, reduced health risks, fewer medical bills and less impact on the environment. So why don't we do it? It can be difficult to transform basic, whole foods into enticing, wholesome meals. Many of us are unfamiliar with healthful ingredients and don't know where to begin.

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